Food Safety Quality Consultant

As a Food Safety Consultant, we are your food safety auditing company with experience and expertise. We are passionate about our business and keeping you in business.   We prepare and customize food safety plans and SOPs for your operation, as well as, third party audits, HACCP training, HACCP planning and preparation.

Having a consultant come to your restaurant or processing plant and work with you can be added protection against food borne illness out breaks and recalls of products due to improper handling of product and lack of education.

As a consultant, I will evaluate your operation and make suggestions to help you overcome any concerns you may have, recommend training and help to make your inspections by local and or state authorities less stressful, by assuring you are performing safe practices and that you know the laws that exist.


Guaranteeing that food consumed is the highest quality and has been handled in the safest way is a priority no matter where your operation is located.


Food safety starts with the simplest of our food products. Tracking foods from seed to table covers a lot of territory and touches a lot of hands.


Knowledge is our best defense against food borne illness. No one ever wants to get the call after serving a group of people on a busy day, and find out that many who ate are ill.