Quality Consulting/Auditing

Quality In Process writes quality system procedures and assists companies in building their quality systems with on site training and education for employees of the standard. Standards such as FDA 21 CFR 820, Quality System Regulation, ISO standards and HACCP/HARPC regulations.

Also, Quality In Process writes HACCP system procedures for schools and food processing companies, as well as, training of employees on site.

To ensure that companies are compliant to their standard, Quality In Process does Third Party Auditing as well as Internal Company Audits.

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Guaranteeing that food consumed is the highest quality and has been handled in the safest way is a priority no matter where your operation is located.


Food safety starts with the simplest of our food products. Tracking foods from seed to table covers a lot of territory and touches a lot of hands.


Knowledge is our best defense against food borne illness. No one ever wants to get the call after serving a group of people on a busy day, and find out that many who ate are ill.