ServSafe® Training – Instructor/Proctor

As an Instructor/Proctor for ServSafe® for over twenty years I have seen the progression of the importance of knowledge and testing in the field.

Being able to perform important food safety tasks and having the knowledge to understand why it is important is an ultimate responsibility of the food industry.

As an instructor, and a former food service entrepreneur, I emphasize the importance of knowledge in the industry.  However, knowledge is only good if it is implemented and passed on to the food service workers in each operation.  My goal is to provide excellent instruction and encourage implementation and a mindset that sees the importance of training in each and every restaurant as a Certified Food Safety Manager, which is the result of successfully passing the ServSafe® exam.

As a Proctor, I step out of the role of instructor and carefully provide and outline the steps for completing the answer sheet and review of the cover page of the test booklet.  I insist on integrity and honesty in regard to taking the exam, with proper ID and self control from each student.

The preparation you do yourself along with my guidance will provide an atmosphere to learn and test in an environment for success.


Guaranteeing that food consumed is the highest quality and has been handled in the safest way is a priority no matter where your operation is located.


Food safety starts with the simplest of our food products. Tracking foods from seed to table covers a lot of territory and touches a lot of hands.


Knowledge is our best defense against food borne illness. No one ever wants to get the call after serving a group of people on a busy day, and find out that many who ate are ill.