“My name is George Fox and I own and operate a small deli in Bristol. We have been using Mrs. Webb’s servsafe certification courses for me and my staff for about twenty five years. Mrs. Webb is thorough with instruction and eager to answer any questions throughout the course. Every member of my staff that has taken the course has passed and been certified, witch is six to date. Her style is relaxed yet professional but also interesting which can be a challenge when discussing some of the mundane regulations of our industry. The anxiety that comes with knowing you have to “pass”  the test is quickly replaced with the confidence of knowing you will pass and be certified. The certificates we all have on display are very important. In that regard,  it is important to use someone who will not only enable your staff to pass the test but also bring a sense of professionalism that comes with knowledge to your establishment. I would never consider using anyone but Mrs. Webb and hope to continue to do so for many years to come. If you have any doubts as to her abilities please feel free to contact me personally at Durham Deli  215-946-7981

George Fox Durham Deli
Bristol, PA

“I am very impressed with Jennie Webb from Quality in Process. We are working with her for past seven months to improve the way we process / handle our food.  We found the Food Safety Program provided by her is very useful as a refresher for me and now I put all our staff through the program. She customized the course as per our needs and our staff thoroughly enjoyed the course and has begun to make the appropriate adjustments to ensure that we are doing things the right way! Two of our staff members have taken two day Serve Safe certification class provided by her. They both successfully passed the exam because of her clear and summarized instructions.

Thank You Very much Jennie for your help and guidance! Kind regards and thanks again!”

Manu, Partner Indian Hut
Bensalem PA

We took the abbreviated FSM/ServSafe course with Jennie. Her communication and organization prior to and during the course was very professional.

We’re entrepreneurs, and our time is very scarce. Working with Jennie helped us obtain the certification needed to continue operation of our business in a timely manner.

Theo Petron
A la Maison Personal Chef Service
Yardley, PA

Hello Jennie!

Thank you for another wonderful class! The ladies were
very impressed with your teaching and said nice things
about you. Annie even said she wished you were her
teacher for all subjects in high school! They said that
you know how to take all the material and present it in
such a way that they could really understand it, and
that is exactly what I tell anyone who is interested in
getting certified.


Marie C. Favoroso
Cafeteria Manager
Bristol Borough School District


Guaranteeing that food consumed is the highest quality and has been handled in the safest way is a priority no matter where your operation is located.


Food safety starts with the simplest of our food products. Tracking foods from seed to table covers a lot of territory and touches a lot of hands.


Knowledge is our best defense against food borne illness. No one ever wants to get the call after serving a group of people on a busy day, and find out that many who ate are ill.