HACCP Auditor ASQ Certified

Quality In Process has a Certified HACCP Auditor registered with American Society for Quality, ASQ.  Knowledge is key in implementing a food safety system in your organization.  Preparing standard operating procedures and HACCP plans are part of what we can do for organizations that require HACCP systems, as well as, training people to understand the process.  In addition, we also offer auditing of the system. Learn about our consulting/auditing services here.

HACCP is an important part of the modern proactive way to prevent, reduce or eliminate food borne illness whether a retail food establishment or a processing plant. HACCP is a tried and true system that was used by NASA in the late fifties early sixties when the astronauts first ascended into space.  This program helped to assure the quality and safety of the food the astronauts had to eat and kept any unusual bacteria from going into outer space.  Today this program is a requirement for the fish industry, especially, and in processing, manufacturing and cafeteria operations in schools, along with a list of variances that also require a HACCP system:

As a restaurant owner looking for hazards in the flow of food throughout your operation before they happen, identifying and monitoring critical control points is how to get HACCP started in your business. However, written standard operating procedures such as: taking temperatures of equipment,  establishing a strong personal hygiene policy that includes reporting illness, knowing when to restrict or eliminate workers from your establishment, training employees, pest control, cleaning procedures, are just some of the pre-requisites and the foundation to a strong quality system in any operation.


Guaranteeing that food consumed is the highest quality and has been handled in the safest way is a priority no matter where your operation is located.


Food safety starts with the simplest of our food products. Tracking foods from seed to table covers a lot of territory and touches a lot of hands.


Knowledge is our best defense against food borne illness. No one ever wants to get the call after serving a group of people on a busy day, and find out that many who ate are ill.